Strategic and Operational Plans

Strategic and Operational Plans
Olivia Lobins
Nov. 4, 2013
Leon Daniel, Jr.

Strategic and Operational Plans
Based on the SWOT analysis this paper will discuss strategic and operational plans for Wal-Mart to better the strengths and lessen the threats and weaknesses. Discussed here will be how these plans will reach these goals and the effects the planning decisions have on internal and external stakeholders in the company. First is a description of the SWOT and following are the plans for implementing reversal of the weaknesses and threats.
Wal-Mart’s strengths are giving low costs to the public while keeping quality even, being strong in the market for stocks and shares as they are a strong growing company, and having the communities and outside support from the U.S as well as other countries.
The Weaknesses are the competition from other companies offering similar products and pricing such as Target, tarnished employee satisfaction from healthcare options to pay and incentives, and lack of long-term investors faith due to negative publicity.
The opportunities are sustainable value networks, operations with unique formats operated around the world, and further global expansion.
The threats are the rise in food prices which affects the buyers as well as the drivers’ costs and subsequent price hikes for the company, Accusations against the company regarding pay, work safety, and healthcare options, resulting in employee related lawsuits.
Strategic Plan
One strategic plan is working with suppliers to sell more environmentally responsible products (Scott, 2008), as well as be a zero waste facility. This can be done by changing some of the products which now are not environmentally friendly to a greener product, such as from non-biodegradable plastics to biodegradable products and recyclable products. Down sizing the bottle caps on disposable water bottles was one way companies saved on the...