Develop and Evaluate Operational Plans

Unit B1

      1.1 Identify operational objectives within own area of responsibility
The main purpose of my role is to provide a quality service which meets the needs of the service users.   This means providing high quality, safe and cost effective care. When doing this it is essential that I am meeting the requirements of the relevant standards set out by the Care Quality Commission, government policies and codes of practice. I am also expected by the directors/ shareholders to have an understanding of:

  * The market in which we are working
  * The overall vision of the organisation
  * On-going strategic plans
  * Continuing to develop relationships with new funding authority‚Äôs/ referral agencies
  * Colleagues and other stakeholders needs and expectations
  * New marketing opportunities

The main skills needed in order for me to fulfil my role are:
  * Planning
  * Risk management
  * Delegating
  * Networking
  * Involving others
  * Consulting
  * Monitoring
  * Evaluating
  * Auditing
  * Setting Objectives
Key responsibilities in my role
  1. Delivering and facilitating treatment programme
  2. Continually monitor CQC compliance
  3. Supervising Lead support worker and Addictions Keyworkers/counsellors  
  4. Ensuring that service users leaving the programme have established contact with appropriate services for their ongoing care and support
  5. Maintenance of own up-to-date notes and records of service user treatment
  6. Monitoring the maintenance of up-to-date notes and records of service user treatment by supervising   Addiction practitioners
  7. Maintaining and auditing Client Files and care plans through supervision
  8.   Development and support of support workers with regard to the delivery of the work   group programmes
  9. Active participation in staff meetings, case management meetings, care reviews, case conferences, learning & development interventions as required