Still Life with Plaster Cast


This is one of his famous and important paints and represents a new and modern

style.Paul Cezanne is considered as a nineteeth century artist   one of the fathers of

the Modern Art. He did not succeed among his comtemporaries.

Cezanne would look deeper to represent abstract paints. He would form part of the

Impresionist group, opposite to traditionalists. Even though that Cezanne did not

wish to belong to any art movement.

They would establish new rules of painting.

Cezanne in this paint grabs our attention to the centre of the paint with a single figure

of a cupid. We can see a nude   cupid with no arms and showing no emotion or

whatsoever and the poses of a conventional statuesque. It seems to be a confined

place like a room or a kitchen. Nude figures are in this paint and other important

paints of Cezanne, this is considered as Modern Art.

We can observe the delineation around every element in the paint.

The three-dimensional is another character of Cezannes paintings as well as the

distortion, how Cezanne plays with the light usually from one side creating with the

mix of whites and blacks graduations.

Fruits like apples are used in this paint and many others of his paints as one of his

characters in painting.

With the fruits we observe the importance of the round forms even in the cupid

with use of the light and dirty whites and colours like red, green, yellows. I would

point out the yellows to create light and colour in opposition to the dark whites and

darkness of the paint.

He was looking for a new perspective in his work

Important in Cezannes paint the use of brushwork as a part of his painting work.

These are elements of Cezannes painting considered in those times

to be something new and part of the called Modern Art.