Still Life Essay

Justification for the art lesson.
Still life.
Our learners are encouraged to collect, sort and group a collection of visually interesting objects to produce a piece of artwork. They are asked to apply their experience of materials and processes, developing their control of tools and techniques for drawings.
Record observations, experiences and ideas in forms that is appropriate to intentions.
  * Talk about the use of perspective.
  * Explain, by referring to artists’ work or through demonstrations, how to:
  * Make objects that are further away from the viewer smaller, to give the idea that they have receded into the distance.
  * Make parallel lines appear to converge as they get further away from the viewer.

The 'Drawing' in art involves providing students with opportunities to develop their own drawing skills. Students are given the opportunity to do some ‘blind drawing ‘this is a fun activity which will develop their skills in observations
  * Students will learn how to control a pencil for shading and detail
They will develop their skills in tonal Shading,
They will develop their skills in using Line,
Students will be taught about building Compositions from simple shapes,
They will be taught how to do ‘approximate measuring’ for drawing objects,
They will be taught simple Perspective,
Students will have the opportunity to be creative with drawing mediums. arrange objects to create a visually interesting composition for a still-life drawing, to collect visual and other information to help them develop their ideas
Literacy can be improved by using art as a stimulus, displaying famous Artist work on the whiteboard and starting a discussion that can build on their self esteem and confidence. Student’s ability to understand the methods and techniques of artists and to understand the concepts behind their work can develop knowledge and understanding and can be helpful in getting them thinking about their work and...