TMA 01 Final Edited   Draft

Compare and contrast the ways in which the passage below attempts to discredit Mark Antony with the way this is done in the speech attributed to Cassius Dio (In reading 1.1 of Book 1, Chapter 1)

In both texts, Marc Antony is being vilified for his relationship with the Queen of Egypt Cleopatra.
Octavian refers to him as “being bewitched by that accursed woman” and “either blind to reason or mad”.
In the text by Titius and Plancus they mention that Marc Antony in his will requests that upon his death his body should be “carried through the forum and the sent to Cleopatra in Egypt”, however there is no mention of this with in the speech of Octavian.
The text by Calvisius could be taken as “heare-say” by a man with a hidden agenda perhaps, whereas the speech by Octavian was to his troops to rally them to the battle ahead, making it clear that Marc Antony was no longer fit to call him self a Roman and there cause was a just one and foresee a clear victory

Octavian goes on to personally attack Marc Antony referring to his inability to “conceive a manly thought or manly deed” due to his relationship with Cleopatra, but there is no mention of this in the text by Calvisius, Octavian does mention Antony’s past career as a Soldier, but questions the fact that he no longer has the ability to be the person he was due to living a life of “ Royal luxury”.he is basicly calling Antony a traitor to the Roman Empire by associating himself with this Queen of a foreign state, Egypt.
Is there jealousy here on the part of Octavian seeing that the modern worlds conception of Cleopatra is that of a beautiful woman, or does he see her as a threat to the Roman Empire because he see’s her as a clever ambitious woman aligning herself to a powerful Roman statesman and General.
Calvisius goes on the say that Marc Antony “leaped to his feet” from his tribunal to get to Cleopatra as her litter was passing through the forum, would a man of his distinction...