Steroid Use Among High School Athletes Is a Growing Problem. Greg Schwab.
At Issue: Steroids. Ed. Laura K. Egendorf. San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 2006.
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Steroid Use Among High School Athletes Is a Growing Problem

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Greg Schwab, testimony before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Consumer Affairs, Foreign Commerce, and Tourism, Washington, DC, June 18, 2002.
Greg Schwab is the associate principal of Tigard High School in Tigard, Oregon.
High school athletes are increasingly turning to steroids as a way to improve their performances and gain the strength and endurance needed to train year-round. Coaches and professional athletes have a significant impact on teenagers' decisions to use performance-enhancing drugs because young athletes want to emulate their heroes and meet their coaches' expectations. In order to stop teenage athletes from using these drugs, coaches and other adults need to inform them about the dangers of steroids.
Editor's Note: This viewpoint was originally given as testimony before the Senate Subcommittee on Consumer Affairs, Foreign Commerce, and Tourism on June 18, 2002.
Dietary supplements and performance-enhancing drug use among high school athletes is increasing at an alarming rate. Recent studies have shown as much as a 60% increase in steroid use among high school athletes. To better understand what has caused this increase, I would like to share with you some of the things I have observed in my 14 years as a teacher, coach, and school administrator. I will also draw on my insights as someone who has experienced steroid use firsthand for two and a half years as a college football player and an aspiring player in the National Football League.
The Drive to Excel
For whatever reason, the focus of high school athletics has shifted. No longer do we preach the values taught by participation in a team or individual sport, the...