Steroids by

Steroids are one of the most controversial topics that we have today in America, and the plan of attack to inform the general public on the negative impacts of this drug is often scarcely overlooked. Three of the main points that caught my attention in this epidemic are: (1) the regulations that they have for these drugs; (2) the idea of people being held very accountable for steroid usage; and (3) the thought that society can have their own perceptions and have their own beliefs. I’ll be elaborating more on these three main points throughout the paper and remember to have an open mind for this is a major debate topic.
It is not uncommon to hear the words athlete and steroids in the same sentence. They seem to be put in the dead center of all major debates in this field. The regulations that they have for athletes and performance enhancing supplements varies according to level of competition and also the sport. For example in baseball the usage of any pre workouts or test boosters is considered banned by major league baseball. With that said are we seem to focus most of our energy regarding steroid use on competitive athletes as opposed to the average weightlifter in the gym or “weekend warrior”and the regulations they have. Those people that aren’t competitive athletes don’t have people telling them to not take this or that. Therefore, I’m sure the percentage of average people who take the drug is higher than the percentage of athletes who take it. Although steroids will improve performance in the short term they will break your body down in the long run. Not only do they break your body down but they have a long history of boosting your testosterone to unhealthy levels. What happens to you when your testosterone goes up and your estrogen goes down? Well you will be more prone to having a quick tempter or a short burst of violence that is hard to control. My opinion on this is that not only should athletes be regulated but the population as a...