Barry Bonds Steroids

Sam Golterman
Eng 102
Jeanne Boyer
Proposal Essay Steroids

Steroid use in professional baseball by players like Barry Bonds is a major issue that has become prevalent in the last decade and has been detrimental to the game.   Barry Bonds’ case in particular has been under investigation for years, with the focus on the case at its peak due to his recent passing of Hank Aaron’s all-time home run record.   Bonds has been a powerful influence in Major League Baseball (MLB) for his entire career, always at or near the top of the league in stats.   Despite this, the records Bonds broke are all in question now after allegedly using steroids to increase his strength and athletic ability.   With Bonds stats being as good as they have been since the steroid allegations against him, the MLB has been paying close attention to his steroid usage.   Ever since the debut of Bonds steroid use the MLB has been investigating cases like Bonds’ closely to ensure that they have not been using any performance-enhancing drugs.   Now, as a result of the steroid controversy any record broken is affiliated with steroids.   It’s not right for fans and officials to have to worry about players using steroids.   Steroids bring the game down and should never have been introduced to baseball.   Barry Bonds records do not deserve to go down in history and he should not be inducted into the Hall Of Fame.
When I was in elementary school I was interested in baseball.   My favorite players were Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle.   I felt the remarkable skills that these players possessed were incredible.   That is why when I heard about the steroid scandal involving Bonds it angered me.   Baseball legends like Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle did not use steroids, so why should players who were using steroids while chasing the records potentially break their records?   It raises major questions in my mind concerning certain records that have been broken since the steroid debut.   So is Bonds guilty of using...