Steal Magnolia's Shelby

Shelby In Steel Magnolias
By: Sadaf Khan

  Steel Magnolia’s was originally a play that was then turned into a heartfelt movie. The main character, Shelby, is a sweet town girl that unfortunately has diabetes that is potentially deadly if she decides to have a child. Though the average person with common sense wouldn’t go down that route if they had this condition, but Shelby wasn’t your typical gal. In both the play and the movie; Shelby had this special condition, fell in love with a man named Jackson, got married and finally had a child named Jack Jr. Soon after Jack Jr. was born, Shelby fell ill and slipped into a life-threatening coma. After being treated for a long period of time, Shelby unfortunately did not wake up from this alleged coma and finally died. Though she died a tragic death, she has influenced and touched so many other lives during her short time on Earth.
      In my opinion, Annele   was the character that Shelby impacted the most. Annele’s character is introduced as a shy, intelligent girl that likes to mind her own business. When Annele’s character was introduced, Shelby’s was inviting guests to her wedding. Shelby immediately invited Annele and Annele happily obliged. During the wedding ceremony, Annele soon met the love of her life, Sam. Later on in the play/movie the lovely pair got married. Without Shelby, Annele would have never found the love of her life.
      Another character that Shelby has impacted is the local hairdresser, Truvy. Truvy loved Shelby like a daughter and was heartbroken when Shelby passed on. During Shelby’s life, Spud, Truvy’s husband, wasn’t very intimate with his wife. After Shelby passed on, Spud the realized how hard this must be on young Jackson and wondered what he’d do without Truvy. After Shelby’s death, Spud became more appreciative loving and considerate to his wife. So Shelby helped the sparks fly once more between Truvy and Spud.
          Last, but certainly no the least, Shelby impacted the...