The Wind Story

”Head north, there will be more open land.” Woosshh, suddenly the secret wind was gone, she flowed around my body like a whirl wind, and just like that she left me. Though not empty handed I now had urgent news to report to my father the chief, I quickly dropped my basket of fruit and hurried toward my tribe.
“Father! Father!” I bellowed loudly “I have great news to tell you” “go on my daughter” the chief replied calmly. “The secret wind has spoken to me, she said to head north to find more open land.” As I spoke my tribe members were awed it was a great honor to be spoken to by the secret wind, and the only person before me she spoke to was my mother who died while giving birth to me. Now my father was looking at me in a way I've never seen before, with hope. “We must head north then, immediately.” My father spoke firmly to the tribe and I.
My tribe wasn't very big there was only about 50 of us, and because of that many other tribes tried to steal our land, and food. I used to ask my father why we never joined another tribe so that we were safer and didn't have to worry so often and he would simply reply we are protected. As I grew older I wondered what he meant, so I started to explore our land more and discovered noting out of the ordinary. All those days and night I went exploring I was never scared, there was always something following me closely, protecting me, I could feel it. I would go through the rivers and up the mountains and climbing the trees and the wind would be there to catch me if I fell or move a branch if it was in my way. I just assumed it was coincidence until one night when I was listening to the elders telling stories about the secret wind and her wonderful powers.
They said that she spoke to only certain people and it was such an honor if she did but it was also very rare for her to. She spoke to my mother though always telling her ways to help the tribe and protecting her from bad. They said that without her help we would never...