Miss Julie

Miss Julie Study Guide

WJP Birmingham-Southern College College Theatre Department of Theatre & Dance – 2007

What is Miss Julie all about?
This updated telling of Strindberg’s classic play, set in the American South, is produced and performed by Birmingham-Southern College. Strindberg’s characters are among the most ill-matched couples in theatrical history. Each is mistaken about the other, and in the shadow of night long-hidden secrets are unleashed in the claustrophobic confessional of the family home. The conflict between Julie and John escalates to psychological and physical warfare—and total destruction.

BSC’s Deep South American adaptation was inspired by a passion to rediscover the issues and danger of this classic play for contemporary audiences. As it heightens the characters’ struggle to new levels of danger, “Miss Julie” renews its challenging examination of such issues as gender and social division, as well as the larger questions of realizing human dignity around the world.

Interview with a Dead Guy August Strindberg
(Born Johan August Strindberg: 22 January 1849 - died 14 May 1912) With Matthew Mielke and Mac Smith (M&M) Strindberg – student, tutor, theatrical extra, pharmacy assistant, journalist, biographer, painter, library assistant, photographer, telegrapher, occultist and alchemist; but more importantly, one of the most influential Scandinavian authors of drama the theatre has seen. M&M: So, Mr. Strindberg, this is quite a list of jobs you’ve held over the years. What led you into writing plays? AS: Yes, well. It is quite a list, isn’t it? I got into the writing of the plays to meet girls while at university. I went to Uppsala U., you know. GO, FIGHTING LEMMINGS! Never graduated, though. I was a bit of a “hippie,” if you will. Did almost anything to make ends meet, including tutoring, translating, and even being an insurance agent. Ah, those were the days… M&M: But Mr. Strindberg, the plays… AS: Oh, yes. I had my first published...