Tony: Your turn...

Carlo: (stares at Tony in disbelief) Eh? Are you nuts?

Tony: Sige na. Dami mo sinasabi kanina eh. Let’s see what you’ve got.

(Tony throws the car keys to Carlo and unbuckled the Seatbelt)

Carlo: But I don’t know how to drive.

Tony: Oh. But i thought you already have your driver’s license?

Carlo: I have a student driver’s license.

Tony: You were telling me a lot of stuff about the clutch and the gas and the brake while i was driving.

Carlo: Im a theoretical person!

Tony: Let’s put your theories in good use then.

(Carlo grunts audibly)

(Tony moves opened the door and moved out of the car. He walked over the passenger’s side).

Tony: Labas na

Carlo: Are you teaching me?

Tony: Theoretically.

Carlo: (sighed). Okay. (opened the door and walks to the driver’s side).

Carlo: You don’t have a professional driver’s license, right? So theoretically, you cannot teach.

Tony: I am a high school teacher so technically, i can.

(Carlo buckled himself up and fixed the rear-view mirror).

Carlo: How’s teaching?

Tony: Let’s not talk about it?

Carlo: Problems?

Tony: Nothing interesting. Turn the lights off. Then turn the key clockwise to start the engine.

(Carlo moved to follow the instruction)

Amy: you dint turn the aircon off.

Carlo: Oh yeah.

Tony: Its just okay. No harm done

Amy: Manual says it lowers the useable life of the aircon and puts much effort to the radiator.


Amy: What?

(Brief silence)

Tony: Release the handbrake and then step on the clutch and the brake pedals.

Carlo: Okay.

Tony: Sige, primera mo. Dahan dahan lang sa kambyo.

Carlo: What’s going to happen.

Amy: Theoretically ...

Tony: Lets stop the theory talks, okay?

Amy: What’s your problem?

Tony: (shrugs)


Carlo: What do i do now?

Tony: Slowly let go of the clutch.

Carlo: Okay

(Car bolted forward and then stops)

Tony: Easy man

Amy: Its not easy you...