Stargirl Essay

Louise Sutters #21
March 30th, 2010
Stargirl Essay on Differences

In his book Stargirl, Jerry Spinelli displays many themes upon which one can reflect upon.   The theme of differences is very apparent in both the characters and the plot.   The students from MAHS and Stargirl are immensely different.   Most of the characters at MAHS are “normal” and when Stargirl comes along, everything changes.

Firstly, the two characters Hillari Kimble and Stargirl show striking differences that automatically place the two girls into different “cliques”.   Hillari Kimble is in the popular clique where people like her are and Stargirl is in the rather odd clique where people who don’t fit into the “popular clique” go.   Hillari Kimble is extremely different from the new “odd” girl who arrives to MAHS in the beginning of the book. She is popular, and Stargirl is not.   Hillari wears popular fashion based clothes whereas Stargirl wears odd unique styles of clothing.   Hillari is mean and Stargirl is nice.   Hillari really cares about what other people think, while Stargirl really couldn’t care less. These differences between the two girls also help to show how judgmental people can be.

Secondly, Stargirl is extremely different from the students at Mica Area High School.   When she comes into Mica Area High School, she really struggles to keep up with all of the new concepts, customs, and routines in this new environment.   Stargirl owns a pet rat named Cinnamon, while no one else in the school would be caught dead owning a rat.   Stargirl is not afraid of standing out from the crowd.   This is really important and unique because everyone else is absolutely terrified of not being popular and therefore standing out.   When Stargirl became popular, everyone started to wear clothing like hers and acting as she did.   “Girls liked her.   Boys liked her.   And—most remarkable—the attention came from all kinds of kids: shy mice and princesses, jocks and eggheads.”   Stargirl’s uniqueness and...