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Musicians and Drug Abuse

In society today, prescription drugs and other illegal substances are commonly found to be involved in the deaths of many singers and celebrities. It will be erroneous to believe that the doctors and pharmaceutical industries that manufacture this drugs have done wrong to the society, no, their intention for manufacturing these drugs have been misconstrued. Two authors to one the articles I have chosen for my topic were critical of the illegal usage of these substances, which they say lead to the creative genius or pathway to premature death of these musicians.

Specifically, the article used jazz musicians to expressing the dangers the dangers these musicians face since they indiscriminately use illegal or prescription drugs without remorse to what the drug do to their health or bodies. To me I feel sorry to these musicians but whether they do the same to themselves that is what I am yet to understand. The authors noted that, “the rigors of nightly performances, travel, and to many musicians a disappointing society exacted a toll that impacted the creativity of many artists of the genre”(Gerald, H. (Jerry) Tolson, and Micheal J. Cuyjet). Would this be the reason they engage in these substances that destroy them? To me I think that for the fact that drug and alcohol use had a significant impact on the performance levels of numerous musicians in the past and now, has been much discussed, that alone may not guarantee them the right to the illegal use of prescription drugs. Research leading to my topic show that many musicians in the 1940’s and till this present time have engaged in this illegal usage of both drug and alcohol, and the growing trend have impacted many of these musicians in our own time now. It is mind bugging to watch on TV or even to read in the newspapers, what the use of both illegal and prescribed drugs have done to the lives of these musicians. Many have been deformed, while many have lost their lives in this venture....