Sr-Rm-022 Part 1

Service Request SR-rm-022 - Part 1
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May 26, 2015
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Service Request - SR-rm-022
A service request has been put in by the COO of Riordan Manufacturing, Hugh McCauley, in which he wants to integrate all of the existing tools of HR into a single application. The reason the COO wants this request is to take advantage of a more state-of-the-art information systems technology for the currently lacking Human Resources department of the company. This paper will discuss the beginning to that transition in a few different ways: gathering requirements from key stakeholders, describing some information-gathering techniques, and identifying the key factors in this project that ensure the information gathered is successful.
Key Stakeholders
An essential part of integrating all the tools of HR into a more sophisticated system is figuring out what exactly are the requirements for this project. In order to obtain the requirements the key stakeholders in the company, Riordan Manufacturing, must be contacted to see what it is they feel is needed. The main people that would be contacted are CEO Michael Riordan, COO Hugh McCauley, Senior VP Kenneth Collins, Executive Assistant Jane McCall, and then finally the Director of Human Resources Yvonne McMillan.
A few reasons as to why these people were selected in gathering the requirements of the project is they are the most senior people in the company and know best what is needed, as well as the Director of HR who will be using the system the most out of the group. If necessary Chief Information Officer Maria Trin and her managers of IT services would be questioned just to get a better idea of what is realistic for the project. This being an IT project it is important to get requirements from all angles, the CEO and other company leaders, HR being the one using the system, and then the IT officers who will be implementing it.
Information-Gathering Techniques
There are countless different ways in...