Bsa 375 Riordan System

Riordan Manufacturing HR System
Riordan Manufacturing is a producer of various types of plastic products that include aircraft components, auto parts, and medical materials, along with custom tailored components for the Defense Department.   Riordan currently has four locations three in the United States, and one in Asia.   The stateside locations are the two manufacturing plants in Albany, Georgia, and Pontiac, Michigan, and the corporate headquarters in San Jose, California that also serves as a center for research and development.   The location of the plant in Asia is Hangzhou, China, and primarily serves the Asian market.   Riordan Manufacturing estimates earnings of about $46 million per year (Apollo Group, Inc., 2011).  
Each location uses a system unique to its particular location and is incompatible with the other locations. The varying and distinctive methods used to record the organization’s operational data can result in an unreliable and inaccurate database.   Riordan Manufacturing needs to upgrade the current method of operations by reducing the inconsistency in its organizational procedures that can reduce customer loyalty (iSixSigma, 2010).   After obtaining the SR-RM-022 Service Request and conducting an evaluation of the human resources information system (HRIS) at Riordan Manufacturing, a report will list the existing procedures and the necessary upgrades needed to improve the system.
Request for an HR System Analysis
Hugh McCauley, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Riordan Manufacturing, has presented an SR-rm-022 service request form to the information technology (IT) department.   The service request requires the IT department to perform an evaluation of the existing information systems (IS) in use at each Riordan plant and present a solution to integrate the current systems and subsystems into a compatible all-encompassing system using more up-to-date technology.   According to the...