Service Requests for Sr Rm 012

      a. San Jose, California, Albany, Georgia, Pontiac, Michigan and Hangzhou, China

      a. All plants have them
      b. Used to generate, analyze, and collect all financial information used by company
      c. Generates sales and revenue reports through financial database
      d. Generates these reports manually and uses subsystems to, that need an accounts receivable part added
      e. Reports fed into general and the sales ledger
      f. Payroll is other subsystem that goes with general ledger
      g. System of procurement takes care of the supplies and raw materials for keeping track of all these within the company, also outside the company from third parties
      h. Order entry system keeps tracks on customer orders
      i.   Accounts Payable- All Sales, history of purchases, basically all payment made kept in this account
      j. General Ledger- Combination of all subsystems and organizes all finances, orders, and sales
      k. Accounts Receivable- Used to record on records payments from customers
      l. Order Entry- Where all customer order are recorded
      m. Procurement- Used to get supplies and raw materials
      n. Sales and Purchasing History- History and records of all sales and purchases made by the company
      o. Invoicing and Shipping- Used for shipping materials and supplies by keeping invoices of all these records for customers as well as the company
      p. Payroll- Connected to the general ledger, done by writing, and placed in system by payroll clerk
      q. Financial Reporting- Reports on all finances, used for auditing, and has to be in compliance of reporting regulation by the local government.
      r. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)- Used only by San Jose, CA plant, which handles all the electronic data between plants.
      s. Bar Code Reading- Used only by San Jose, CA plant, which scans raw...