Software Applications

Information Systems and Software Applications
Information systems and software applications are integral part of most business nationally and internationally. Small businesses, like the local video store, to large corporations rely on information systems and technology to perform the essential functions of the business. “A computer-based information system is an information system that uses computer technology to perform some or all of its intended tasks. Software consists of computer programs that control the functions of computer hardware (Rainer & Turban, 2008).” The following paper   will discuss information systems and software applications for three common organizational departments in a manufacturing business. The information will apply to the following departments: Management, Design, and Accounting.
Microsoft Project 2007
Microsoft Project 2007 is a project management software application designed to be integrated with Microsoft Office and its various applications. MS Project provides management and the project managers and excellent tool to “manage projects more efficiently and effectively” (Microsoft, 2010). MS Project allows management to stay on top of a project, schedule and finances, streamlining team members and increase productivity through its integration of MS Office. Some of the new features of MS Project 2007 is the ability to pinpoint the sources of potential issues, it allows to see the impact of changes to the project and allows the user to experiment with what-if scenarios. MS Project can be purchased separately or packaged in Microsoft Office Ultimate.
Auto CAD
Auto CAD   is the industry standard software used in manufacturing, architecture, and construction.   Auto CAD is a computer aided design software used by designers, and drafters to draw simple and complex parts, assemblies, buildings, and an infinite amount of uses. Drawings are then created for manufacturing and construction blueprints. The benefits of Auto CAD are   more...