Nurse Qualities

It’s not that easy to make a career in nursing profession. For that, you should be prepared for extreme hard work and dedication. Here are some qualities that a good nurse should have:
  A good nurse should be highly qualified and trained. She/he   should have a sound knowledge of the nursing profession, obtained   from a reputed institute. He/she should always be ready to   learn more. Good professional skills are a must for the nurse.
      As a nurse is more frequently in contact with the patients,   he/she should have excellent communication skills. These   include speaking as well as listening skills. The nurse should   be able to openly talk with the patients and their family members   in order to understand their needs and expectations. He/she   should be able to explain the treatment given to the patient.
      Watchfulness is an important quality of a good nurse. He/she   should be alert every moment about the condition of a patient.   He/she should be able to notice a minor change in the patient’s   health status.
      A good nurse should have an emotional stability. Nursing is   a very stressful job. Everyday the nurses witness severe traumatic   situations, surgeries and deaths. The nurse should be mentally   strong and should not get disturbed by such incidences.
      Good presence of mind is crucial in the nursing profession.   In any critical condition or medical emergency, if the doctor   is not there, then the nurse should not get confused. He/she   should be confident enough to take the correct decisions.
      Kindness and empathy are the qualities that every nurse should   possess. The nurse should be calm and kind to the patients,   even if they are aggressive. The nurse should understand the   pains and suffering of patients. He/she should provide comfort   and sympathy to the patients, instead of getting angry with   them.
      A good nurse should be flexible about his/her working hours   and responsibilities. Nursing is a...