Project Manager Skills


Every organisation works hard to bring out a successful product which is an outcome of proper planning, design and implementation. Managing the human resource is an important key factor that lies in the success of the product. Thus these activities grouped together and called as project management. As Newton (2005, p-11) says "Project is essentially a way of working, a way of organising people and way of managing tasks". Project management is the act of working towards the success of the project outcome. An Effective Project Manager is solely responsible for building and managing the project activities. Project manager skill set is in high demand and in the case scenario we discuss about the required skills of a successful project manager and also how to overcome negative skills when identified. The report also generates success factors that define a successful project.

Project Management Nutshell:

Project Management is systematic way of organising working tasks and people activities for bringing the outcome of the project (product or service).

As defined by Gardiner (2005, p.5) quoted from British standards institution (BS 6079-1, 2000:5), "Project Management is the planning, monitoring and control of all aspects of a project and motivation of all those involved in it to achieve the project objectives on time and to specified cost, quality and performance". A simple project management structure is described below,

Figure: A simple Project Organisation Gardiner 2005 p-6

The Project Manager leads the project teams and the team leaders as shown in the figure. Thus Project Manager has to organise the team and team members by managing meetings to extract the work and advance towards each stage of project. The success of the project depends upon the project manager's ability of organising the work force.

Analysis of Case Scenario:

In the case scenario the previous project manager who was ineffective has left the company and the...