Based on One Study/ Academic Skills, Discuss How the Efficiency of Learning May Improve in the Context of the Requirement for Development Within Health Care.

The objective of this essay is to capture and share the importance of ‘e-learning’ and how it can help to improve the development of health care. This essay discusses how it is beneficial to the NHS, student nurse and the patient. Clark and Mayer (2008:7) defines “e-learning as training delivered on a computer (including CD-ROM, Internet, or Intranet) that is designed to support individual learning or organizational performance goals”. E-learning is significant in health care development because of its increasing necessity, quality of learning and accessibility and cost effectiveness. Computers in the global communication level have brought an enormous change and development to human civilization. As per national statistics 37.4 million adults (76 per cent of the UK adult population) accessed the Internet (Office for National Statistics 2009: 2).

The National Health Service is the largest industry in health-care sector, so that the NHS investment in training and knowledge must be of a high-level quality and efficient. Effective training helps to improve the competence and productivity of the staff. E-learning can be useful for implementing policies like ‘Agenda for Change’ and ‘Knowledge and Skills-Framework’ for the NHS. Glen & Moule (2006: 7) argues that ″there are no doubts that such a global online education has a higher chance of success at the present time with provision of high levels of postgraduate and professional updating”.

Over the last few years, there has been a steady improvement in health care in ways of knowledge management, better patient care, and new technologies. To acquire these developments the existing workforce need training and continuing professional development. Candy (2007: 4) states that “properly developed e-learning resources will allow learners to gain credits towards their continuing professional development”.

In the present financial conditions, it is essential to control the cost of the NHS, but without compromising...