Sushma adhikari
Eng 111

My journey to the mountains

      Most of the times in our life some incident happens that becomes an unforgettable memory for us and which teaches us such lesson that becomes one of the main direction to get in to our destination. The incident I experienced which taught me a valuable lesson about life, which happened when I finished my high school, a month before I come to The United Sates Of America. I completed my high school in my country Nepal. Which is between China and India. Starting a way is easy but to fulfill and to make it possible isn’t that easy how we think. As I thought, climbing mountain is nothing, just go and climb it, but something else that after you do it you feel proud of yourself, you feel different kind of happiness. I realized after I claimed the mountain, how hard is it but still I made it.
    Since I had a lot of time before my college studies started, so, I along with my three other friends planned to explore the mountainous area of the region. Because most of the people know about the tallest mountain of the world is Mt. Everest, which is in Nepal.   I had been listening about the mountains, Himalayas, natural beauty of Nepal since I was very small and now got the chance to go and see by myself that what miraculous beauty that place carries. It was very hard to get permission from our parents because we were teenager, even though we friends had known each other for years, probably from the 2nd grade. We tried to find so much information and we got to know many amazing things about those wonderful mountains natural places. We also asked to the people who had visited those areas, including my dad too, because he knows a lot about these travelling stuff. We took all the required things sleeping bag, dry foods, slander of oxygen, some flue medicine etc. We also carried a lot of money, which was more than enough for the whole trip. My Dad advised us to spilt all the money among ourselves so...