Social Sciences

In todays society it is more about how we live and less about what we do for a living that matters.

Most consumers target people who are more affluent and aim their advertisements towards the part of the population that has the most amount to spend.

According to John Allen ( Making Social Lives - 2009 ), Tesco and other major retail organisations play a role in shopping, the high street and also influence what people buy, production and the manufacturing of the things they are buying.íJoin up your paragraphs as you continue to discuss the same point.

Although major retail organisations take trade away from the smaller businesses, resulting in a lot of them closing down and although many people would prefer it if major retailers stayed out of their high streets, the reality is that not everyone can afford to shop at the local businesses with higher prices and need the cheaper option of the multi conglomerates. As a result it can also have the downfall of producing more of the waste that we create with the amount of packaging and carrier bags that are used by major retailers. Also, in some areas the major retail organisations are outside of the city centre, meaning people have to travel to them by car. Thus creating more pollution. And by the demise of many small businesses the choice of where we shop is narrowed and in some areas the only place we can shop are organisations such as Ttesco, Ssainsburys, etc. WherasWhereas if there was more choice then perhaps people would shop elsewhere.