Tma01 - Introducing Social Sciences

Drawing on what you have learned from the Making Social Lives DVD and Learning Companion 1, describe some inequalities on City Road.

I have learnt from the above resources that inequalities are not entirely what I first thought, the term ‘‘Inequality’ refers to the unequal distribution of valued social resources within a society or between societies.’ (learning companion 1, pg 24) and is separate to that of differences, although certain differences can lead to equalities.
Below is an outline of some inequalities that I have observed from City Road, Cardiff. Sometimes these inequalities come from perception and are not always proven. Does this mean they are still an inequality? Do perceived inequalities become actual inequalities?
Looking at the popular Hawaiian restaurant on City Road, where the owner Nof, based its décor and theme on his experience of watching a film called Blue Hawaii. This strong identity has attracted groups of women to hold social events at the restaurant. Nof, realising this popularity focused his efforts at encouraging more of these groups, but this has excluded male groups, thus causing gender inequality. According to learning companion 1, pg 36, ‘Some men are accepted, such as those who accompany women customers. Men who are out for an evening in a group are excluded. They are seen as a possible threat to the restaurant’s identity as a good place for women to socialise together’
This leads me to the first of my perceived inequalities, before Nof opened the restaurant he looked for work as a civil engineer. Nof came to Cardiff from Iraq over 25 years ago to study civil engineering, yet he wasn’t able to get a job when he started applying, he says ‘I basically decided to stay, applied for jobs. I remember I sent something like 250 applications at that time and received something like 150 rejections, the rest didn’t bother even to answer back.’ later he goes on to say ‘When I come over here into the UK I'm not considered to be as a...