Tma1 Introducingq the Social Sciences

Introducing the social sciences:                         TMA 1 DD101

For this essay I am going to discuss how some people benefit and lose on a street that I know and compare it to that of city road. The street that I am going to discuss is Bank Street in Rawtenstall, the centre town in the Rossendale Valley. Rawtenstall has a rich history of textile mills and was a major player in the global footwear industry until it became more economically viable to make and import from abroad. Bank street still has the same cobbled road it had over a century ago where as city road has a modern tarmac road connecting it with the city centre.

The places I will be looking at on Bank street consist of the biggest designer boutique called Sunday best which has three floors of expensive hand made British clothes, Maji’s newsagents at one end which sells newspapers, magazines and general household items, Mimi’s takeaway and the lack of walkway access for disabled users.

The first place I will be looking at is Sunday Best the designer clothes boutique. This shop has been in its form as far back as the 1970’s it offers high end designer clothes aimed at the more affluent of Rossendale’s inhabitants, unlike exquisite Africa on city road which tends to market its goods at the lower/working classes and with African heritage. The lower paid tend to lose out on the better manufactured and more expensive clothes that Sunday best offers which is in contrast to those who shop at exquisite Africa on city road as these products are “usually from China” as Janet Symmons (‘Making social lives’,2009,scene 2) in regards to the quality of the workmanship.

Further down Bank street is the local newsagents which is owned and operated by the Maji brothers, they sell the usual newsagent wares i.e. Magazines, sweets and a small assortment of household goods similar to that of Colin Buttwell (‘Making social lives’,2009,scene 3) on city road, the newsagent tends to appeal to all walks of life...