Social Care

Assignment Brief | HSC | Number | 7 |
Task type: | Reflective Account | Level: | 5 | Pathway: | R | Task reference: | |
Task name: | Unit 10,20,23 |

Description of Task: |
Reflective account to demonstrate your knowledge and competency to lead and manage a team within a Health and Social care setting.Recruitment and selection within Health and Social Care setting.Manage induction in Health and Social Care setting. |

Scope of Task |
The following areas are to be covered / discussed / referred to   in your answers: |
For this reflective account you need to cover the following areas.Regulatory requirements for recruitment.Serious case reviews that have effected legislation.Job descriptions.Interview criteria.Involving others in selection process.Evaluation of interview and selection processes.Team performance.Induction.Retention.Allocation of workloads.Team roles.Team objectives.Delegation.Accountability. | Supervision.Conflict.Communication.Partnership working.Information sharing.Systems and processes.RotasPerson centred care.Meetings.Shared vision.Set personal objectives.Personal development.Appraisals.Challenging poor practice. |

Task Questions |
1. Reflect on the recruitment process. Discuss legislation related to recruitment. You should consider equality and discrimination, when writing you person specification and any adverts you place. Discuss regulatory requirements such as CRB checks, ISA checks and the right to work.   Discuss serious case reviews that have led to changes in legislation.2. Discuss interview criteria and how these are used to enable equality and fairness when interviewing.   Relate this to job description.3. Reflect on involving others in the recruitment process. 4. Discuss how you communicate results of interviews to candidates.5. Discuss how you audit the interview process to make sure it is effective.6. Describe the process for monitoring staff retention. What is your role as Manager in identifying the reasons people leave.7....