Soc 120 Deviant Behavior

Deviant Behavior
An example of what I would consider a deviant behavior in one society but not in another is that of the women of Saudi Arabia.   The women there are not allowed to show their skin.   The only parts of their body they are allowed to show is their foreheads, eyes, and hands, any other part of the body showing skin is considered to be deviant.   In the United States there is not this restriction on women.   Women now days, more so then women of the past, are more likely to show off their bellies, cleavage, legs and so on and not have this be considered deviant.   I believe the biggest contribution to Saudi Arabia’s perspective to this “deviant behaviors are many things.   First I believe that by making the woman cover themselves the men do not have to see the women and be tempted; which I believe is because they are unable to have complete control of themselves and instead of finding a way of coping and dealing with self-control they would rather see the woman suffer.   Also because in Saudi Arabia women are not highly looked on and are actually treated with no respect, animals in Saudi Arabia are treated better than most of their women.
I believe that the reason this is considered a deviant behavior in Saudi Arabia but not in America is because America has more respect for their woman and the women of America have more rights than those women of Saudi Arabia.   Women of America are not afraid to show off what they have and are proud of their bodies; where I believe that the women of Saudi Arabia have been taught from day one that they are not allowed to reveal themselves and that it is not appropriate or morally right to do so.  
When a crime is committed by someone who is of a powerful status, typically a man, in Saudi Arabia they are rarely punished even if found guilty.   Whereas if a woman was found guilty of the same crime they would be punished harshly, typically with some form of death that involves torture.   In America most of the...