Deviant Behavior

Checkpoint:   Deviant Behavior
Week Six
Deviant behavior is basically malicious behavior, or just not acceptable.   There are many differences between cultures about what is allowed and what is not, or what would be considered deviant.   In the Mormonism religion it used to be acceptable to practice bigamy, which is the case also with many different cultures.   It has not been outlawed by the church but is still practiced.   In the Christian religion bigamy is not allowed, you are expected to be monogamous, which is the case with many different cultures.   It is considered deviant by some and not by others; the reason for this is because different religions have different acceptable things.
In society today it is considered a good thing to have a powerful status.   People without power have to follow the rules or they will be punished if they are caught.   When you have power it is easier for you to do what you want to do, because people want to be on your side.   A good example of a powerful person who committed a crime would be Dick Chaney.   Dick Chaney shot his hunter partner in the face and said he thought he was a deer.   Needless to say Chaney got away with the incident.   If someone with no power shot someone in the face that was in full bright orange hunting gear and said he thought it was a deer, he would be prosecuted to fullest extent of the law.   Why this is because they would think he was lying about what happened.   Even though this is not fair this is how society is and it is not just in our society.