Deviant Behavior

Deviant behavior according to society varies from place to place; most of these people follow their cultural norms.   It is when a person violates something that is considered the social norm that is when it is called deviant behavior.   Deviant behavior can be caused by psychological, biological, or sociological problems which plays a larger part in deviant behavior is still unknown.   Environment can also play a key role in deviant behavior; poverty, divorce, family conflict, neglect, abuse, lack of supervision, etc.   Some cultures have different views on deviant behavior.   Murder is considered to be a very deviant act unless done in self defense and many do not consider it deviant in warfare.   Racism is considered deviant in America but in South Africa it’s not and is expected.   When the Dutch and the English took control slavery was huge thing.   They believed that people who were white skinned with only white heritage were the best while those who were black were considered to be animals.   Racism is something that is taught and learned; maybe they can even pick it up in later years of life.   Sex, if a woman is sexually promiscuous she is considered a deviant while a man it’s expected.   Most people who know that a woman is sexually promiscuous are called foul and unfair names, even if she has had sex with only 2 people out of wed lock.   Religion calls that there should be no pre-marital sex however most major Monotheism religions are more forgiving to men than they are women.   All Monotheism religions support male’s being first class citizens while women will be second class citizens.   In America women won their rights but yet some are still taught that it the home is for women to cook, clean, care for the children and husband.   In the Middle East area most women are still second class citizens and are not even allowed to leave their homes without a male escort.