Soc 120 Week 2

L.E. Goodman Analysis |
Sherry Casey |
SOC 120 |
Milagros Baez |
3/11/2013 |


Some religions believe that we are all born of sin and into sin regardless of what culture, race, ethnic identity, or class. The belief is that we all have a sense of what is morally right and the relativity of it. “There are traits, customs, and beliefs that make us distinctive to certain cultures, races, and classes, which due to the differences we all follow, a set of different moral standards. Each culture tackles moral questions based on their own moral beliefs.” (Winter, 2011) Relativism maintains when it comes to right and wrong there is neither, because what is virtuous within a particular individual, culture or societies morality must be understood and taken into consideration (Mosser, 2010).

          Lenn Goodman brings up arguments that there are certain things that are simply wrong.   Some people would agree, if you follow his thinking, yet there will be a few that would present a logical argument that would contradict his arguments. The areas of moral debates that Goodman chose would bring on a mass debate of arguments when it comes to cultures, races, ethic identities, or classes.

Within the American society there are a huge amount of different cultures.   The cultures all function together and have different beliefs and values.   It is these different beliefs and values that make America and interesting place to live. The beliefs of Lenn Goodman are based on the history of moral knowledge and what many of us as Americans think are right (Goodman, 2010). There are universal moral requirements as we have witnessed over time throughout history. The claim of certain rights and wrongs has been a forewarning for battles since the beginning of time.

Goodman claims are that every person has the rights to live and be free from any and all inhumane treatment. Goodman stated, “all human aspirations worthy of the name deserve respect and support,...