Slavery Through Out Early America

Damien Dwyer
Ms. Lewis
American History before 1865
10 February 2010
No matter where you looked slavery was everywhere in the early North America. It is one of the essential factors that led to the new world being so successful. This was mainly do to free labor which enabled companies to make incredible profit of crops which required an immense amount of man power to be grown and harvested. Though these basic facts may be true throughout North America, slavery in different in various areas of the varied in many ways.
When the first slaves arrived in Chesapeake they were more expensive then indentured servants and were not much better at working therefore they originally weren't valued for much. They were considered as part of the working classes and documentation shows evidence of African's acquiring there own land,servants, and slaves. There were a lot of sexual relations between the Indians, Africans, and the Europeans producing a melting pot of ancestry known as mulattoes. Though by the end of the 17th century Chesapeake gradually became a slave society which was predominantly due to the decreasing number of indentured servants entering Chesapeake due in part to the unattractiveness of settlement from Bacon's rebellion. The British Royal African Company started importing slaves to North America due to their high cost they were expected to work long hours with almost no time off. Since slavery was so new in North America there were no laws to abide to in relation to slavery which meant slave owners could have a lifetime use of slaves as well as a slavery being inheritable. SlaveOwners were free to do {text:soft-page-break} what ever they wanted with their slaves including brutal beatings this did not change until slave codes were passed in 1705. The availability and usefulness of slaves for farming such lucrative crops as sugarcane and tobacco caused more to be brought to North America between 1701 and 1710 then...