Did slavery break the black family?
      Slavery is a form of human forced labor. In this act, slaves are regarded as property; they are not free to decide for themselves in that they are subjected to the owner’s authority and they are forced to serve without question. Slave trade was founded by the Portuguese at around 1444 AD. After they sensed that there was need for more workers in the American plantations and in Europe, they decided to venture into Africa. The most profound form of slavery occurred in South America. Most of the plantations were run by Africans who had been bought in earlier as slaves. The South America region had a social system hat was unique in so many ways in terms of political, social and economic grounds. The main cause of slavery in the south is attributed to the capitalistic nature of the region. The economy here was considered to be more developed relative to the other regions in that class structure and cases of racial differences were very profound. This made it to be so much different from the rest of the regions like the Northern parts of America. Because of the capitalistic nature of the people in the South America regions, the capitalists themselves believed in acquiring items and property by force. Due to the high demand for workers, they resolved to get people by force to work for them, hence the rise of slavery (Parish28).
      In the first place, slavery was not so much pronounced as the ‘workers’ only served as servants and then   leave and work on their own. With time, the capitalists in the Southern America were not contented with the workers living on their own. They soon wanted to establish what the workers were doing when left free. This therefore brought the idea of restricted freedom and forced labor - slavery.
      Slavery developed as an economic gain since the southern colonialists used slaves to work in their big farms. Those getting the slaves also had their rewards in that they made profits from the buying...