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Between 1607 and 1763 America started to shape into its own country. Slowly throughout this period America started to loosen its ties to Britain and become self-sufficient. Americans definitely gained control of both their political and economic institutions. Politically America had many autonomous powers, such as self-taxation through representation, and economically, America had a thriving market that included tobacco and trade.
Politics between 1607 and 1763 in America are not clearly defined. This is because each of the thirteen colonies had a somewhat individualized approach to government. While some of these colonies did have some British authority, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, were free from royal rule. These five colonies elected their own leaders and showed the nation’s first signs of democracy. In addition, Americans had the right of self-taxation through representation. This meant that American colonies got to decide on their own taxes through democratic representation, away from British control.
An early sign of America’s political autonomy was with the New England Confederation. When England was undergoing their violent and bloody civil war they had little time to pay attention to America. This lead the four of the New England colonies to create a confederation that was used as defense against enemies. These colonies feared attack from Indians, the Dutch, and the French. The New England Confederation one of the first indicators of American political autonomy.
Another example of American control of their political institution can be found in the Zengar Trial. One of the first celebrated legal cases in early America, John Peter Zengar was on trial for seditious libel, or speaking out publicly against authority. This was a law deeply rooted in English law and practice. But this trial went on in New York and Zengar ended up innocent, without charge. The Zengar Trial shows how America made...