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The Revolutions of America, France, and Latin America
Tasha Sanders
HIS 104
Laura Guardino
July7, 2011

The Revolutions of America, France, and Latin America
The way that the American, French, and Latin American Revolutions affected the world was that they changed the economic, political, and social structure of each area forever. One difference between them was through their ruling. All of the countries ruled monarchies eventually became republics. France was ruled by French, America by the British, and South America by the Spanish. I believe with all the pros and cons of these revolutions that the pros would win. I say that because of the chain effect each seemed to have on each other or other lands that took their example.

A common theme that I noticed in each of the Revolutions is that they were all unfairly taxed and rebelled in retaliation of it. A prime example of this is The Tea Act and "The Boston Tea Party "of December 16, 1773. The story behind The Tea Act was that the House of Commons on April 27, 1773 passed this Act to bring down the price of tea but increase the British tax due to the planned increase in sales and drinkers of the tea. This resulted in "The Boston Tea Party". Which it turned out was some Bostonians, disguised as Mohawk Indians. They then went onto the tea ships that were docked in the British Harbor. When they boarded the ships they found 342 chests of tea onboard. They then threw all the chests full of tea overboard. I would say that is a good retaliation but it did have its consequences. I also noticed a recurrence in the fight for women's and slave's rights to be claimed and set the same as the common mans. Over time you can see how the women of that time were treated the same as slaves when it came to access of education. They could not have professional jobs and they did not have the legal right to vote. August 18, 1920 women of the United States received the right to vote. One woman that stood in her fight for women's...