Sick, Psychology Mental Disorders Paper


  It's quite funny the way people react towards one another, judgements occur with but a mere glance. Yet not many stop to wonder why someone is acting the way they are. For those that do it is but a simple comment, crude or kind, many not realizing how some of what they say can hurt. I would have never thought being positive was such a rare act in the world today, I had expected to receive more comments for my stuffed animal.

  Carrying on through the day weird glances were hard to ignore and had me feeling idiotic. But looking at it through the perspective of someone who actually believed that their stuffed dog was as alive as the next person, I would think everyone else had a screw loose not me. Who were they to judge Shiro-chan? Or was I just the only one special enough to here his voice? Of course not, it was my imagination that allowed our conversations to occur while people around me took a second glance to verify what they had witnessed. Although no one came up to talk to me during my venture in the park with Shiro-chan, I was granted more insight into a disturbed mind, as well as my own imagination. Considering the fact that after a while Shiro-chan did indeed have his own distinct child like voice and up beat personality in my mind.

  Besides bringing Shiro-chan to "life" I was surprised to find that those around me where more in shock and concerned with me being positive. It was actually quite sad to hear my own brother ask me if I was sick or something for almost every time I said something nice. Even a simple "Good morning or have a good day." without a it's usual sarcasm had him giving me a strange look. This made me realize how much of a neutral/negative person I must normally be then. For the fact that when my sister called me for our usual weekend conversations, she asked if I was finally seeing someone. Taken back by her question I asked, "Why do you ask?", her response made me unsure of whether to laugh or cry; "Well you...