Summarise and Discuss the Presentation of Mental Health in the Two News Paper Articles.

Summarise and discuss the presentations of mental health in the two newspaper articles. Word limit: 1500 words

Summary of cited news paper articles:
1   "Antidepressant use in England soars" by David Batty.
This article suggests that there has been an increase in the number of people diagnosed with mental illness, and a corresponding increase of prescribed antidepressants from   2007 - 2011, the north - west of England, having the highest rate of antidepressants prescribed. This is costing, according to the House of Commons, the NHS over £520 million pounds a year and the economy nearly £11bn. This increase during the economic crisis is due to people worrying about money and employment with depression and anxiety being the biggest cause of loss of earnings. (Emer O'Neill). Therefore the government needs to promote awareness of mental illness and to work with employers to reduce stress in the work place.
This article also suggested that depression and anxiety may be over diagnosed with   diagnostics being the cause of   this increase.

2 "Depression? It's just the new trendy illness!" By Janet Street Porter.
Janet Street Porter claims that working class woman have no time for depression and just have to get on with life and although she accept post-traumatic depression, clinical depression and post natal depression as mental illnesses, she also states that depression is a new trendy illness for wealthy, successful celebrity women, the spoiled women, who just can't cope with life and see depression as a accessory to their wardrobe so to speak. Even   men are "jumping on the band wagon."
She also states that stress and depression didn't exists a few years ago but as stress is becoming more acceptable the government is spending millions of pounds on antidepressants and counselling. She feels that the way people are diagnosed should be reviewed.

Mental illness, as suggested in both newspaper articles (Batty, 2011; Street -Porter, 2010) is on the increase and...