Psychological Testing Paper

Axia College


Stephanie Mead

June 9, 2012

            Psychological testing is a test that is designed to explore ones intelligence; such as an IQ

test as well as exploring how individuals handle certain situations they are consciously or

unconsciously put in. This paper is an attempt to shed some light on the dark and misunderstood

while elaborating and answering basic questions and addressing concerns and assumptions that

coincides with psychological testing. This paper will define the term test, touch on the major

categories; identifying uses and its users, and finally will compare and contrast reliability and

validity concepts and the effect they have on the complete field of psychological testing (Course


            Just like any other field where a test is given, psychological tests are implemented to

enhance the decision making of those who are giving the test to others about those whom they

are giving the test to. Basically the psychological test is to find out where these individuals are

mentally by sampling one’s actions when being addressed with situations. Hogan, 2007 says the

definition of test, according to the Standards for Education and Psychological Testing is “a

device that evaluates or examines a ‘taste’ of one’s actions or behavior and is scored according to

the process standard.” It is also mentioned that the test can be helped with its description by

numeric categories. There are many different ways the test can be given as well as different

aspects of the person whom the test is being performed on. Standard measures and behavior

samples play an imperative role in the decision making process. For example, pro athletic teams

give tests of all sorts to see if the athletes are able to physically and psychologically handle the

pressure of being a professional athlete, the military and...