Should Shakespeare Be Taught in School Every Year

Shakespeare Persuasive Essay
Throwing teenagers against their wills into the confusing oblivion of Elizabethan English doesn’t seem like the right thing to do.   It has been brought to my attention that Shakespeare plays will be studied in all years of high school.   Firstly, Shakespeare’s plays should not be forced upon the students of Weber high.   Secondly, the language comes back from the Elizabethan times, it’s quite difficult to read and understand.   There are books that were written in more modern days that are still written beautifully.   Finally, Shakespeare can get immoral.
Teenagers are built to not want anything to do with what’s forced upon them such as being made to clean their room or babysit; the same thing applies for studying Shakespeare.   Because it’s a mandatory study, the appeal for reading the literature decreases more and more.   Plus, because the plays are complex, hard to understand, and only appeal to few tastes, studying his work should be a choice, not a requirement.   In my opinion, one Shakespeare play should be taught just to give students a real taste of what it’s like so they have no room to falsely judge.   Then I would suggest having a program or club that can proceed further within the study.   This gives students a fair chance at seeing if Shakespeare catches their   interest, but it also gives them the option to continue reading his work or not.  
Fact: Elizabethan English is very different from modern day English.   For students who have never been exposed to this language, which most of them haven’t, it is very difficult to understand.   Sometimes for me, I can read a line over and over again and it won’t make sense no matter what I do.   It’s almost equivalent to reading a French line over and over again; it just looks like a bunch of letters.   What’s going on is talked about pretty thoroughly in class.   However, there still are assignments where one is required to try to read and understand by his or herself, independent of the...