Deficit in the United States

Deficit in the United States Rough Draft

In the book “Common Sense” by Blasé Bonpane, he talk about how the United States spend so much money on war while not focusing on more important things. National and State budget also play a role on why education is so bad in today’s society. As a country we are just focused on imprisoning people and making taxpayers pay for everything but education. The essay explains how war would the downfall of the United States, how laws that are supposed to help our education really do not do anything, and how our money is spent on prisons instead of education.
      The war in Iraq was unnecessary and would eventually bring the downfall of the United States. It started with George W. Bush who once said “You are either with us or with the terrorists” (p. 13) and of course people listened to this rubbish. There were many people in favor of George W. Bush and to think that we were going to have to pay for all the expenses. But of course, many people had not thought of the effects that came along with going to war. Instead, the money that should have gone to healthcare was useful for building a “lemon” (p.85) called the B2-bomber, but it was only one billion dollars. And any money that was supposed had gone to education actually went to the developing of nuclear weapons. This war also impacted unemployment insurance that was running out and to the cut payments doctors were receiving. Our former leaders were not people that cared for the “common good of the commonwealth” (p. 88). Instead, they were people that were assigned certain tasks and managed to oppose them. For example, Bonpane, says that if our presidential appointment is assigned to defend the country, they turn into blood thirsty warmongers. They war warmongers intended to pay war with our money and to think that they even had recruiters at the very steps of our children’s high schools.
Now, the No Child Left Behind Act is no different. It was 670 page long law that...