Holocaust: Should It Be Taught in Schools?

I believe the Holocaust should be taught in schools. It's a significant part of history that should never be forgotten. Learning about things like this prevent them from happening again in history, helps kids get a better understanding about the Holocaust and why it happened, and they learn about a different culture.
Being educated on the Holocaust prevents things like it from repeating in history. Whenever there is such racism, or prejudice people will remember how tragic the Holocaust was, and try not to let it happen again. History always seems to repeat itself one way or another but we can see to it that the Holocaust is something that does not.
Learning about the Holocaust also helps kids understand it, and learn why it happened. They learn such things as, what triggered the Holocaust, and how it affected the rest of the world. This helps prevent kids from being lied to about the Holocaust, or from being told it didn't happen and it's a myth.
Kids also get to learn about an entirely different culture when studying the Holocaust. They will get to learn things such as traditions, morals, values, and how they worship. This will help kids better understand, and respect them. This will help them better understand how tragic it was.
There are many reasons the Holocaust should be taught in schools, many more than mentioned in this essay. This is a very important part in world history that should never be forgotten. As long as it is taught to an appropriate age level, it should be a vital part of the school curriculum everywhere.