Should Shakespeare Be Taught in School

Some believe that Shakespeare should not be taught in schools anymore. Do you believe this to be true and why?

Yumi Shek(21)8C

    Shakespeare should be taught in school. He was the father of language; his contributions to literature had helped us to improve our English and learn more about the past. The beauty of 37 plays and 154 sonnets are absolutely amazing, although they are difficult to learn, but by understanding his plays, we have taken a huge stop towards modern English, cause his plays and sonnets have deeper thoughts.

    William Shakespeare is world famous dramatist. His plays are still performed widely over the world nowadays. His writings had been translated into over 100 languages plays and poems are sold in virtually every country. Even though his plays are more than 400 years old, but yet, it’s not forgotten, because Shakespeare’s works are the foundation of English. Shakespeare is great legendary writer, who wrote Comedies, Tragedies and Histories. Hamlet, Othello and Macbeth are considered as the finest works in all English literature. He’s still a respected poet and playwright in nowadays, cause his plays are published again and again.

      We use the words he created all the time, many familiar words like-“admirable”, “attorney”, “bedroom”, and “distasteful”, “fashionable” these words first appear in his plays. Some of his phrases like “at one fell swoop” or “sick at heart” are still commonly used as if they have always been party of the language. His words provided hundreds of writes with titles for books and films, like Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World from the Tempest, William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury from Macbeth. His plays have also inspired many artists, like the Italian composer Verdi turned Othello into an opera, and Disney transformed Hamlet into the Lion King.

    Some of the phrases of Shakespeare’s are very famous, like “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?” from Romeo and Juliet, “to be or not to be;...