Should Guns Be Legal in America?

4.4   Create a piece of work which evidences critical writing, communicating different points of view.
3.2   Use reading to support own learning.
3.3   Use one other method of research to support own learning.

The American Gun Law
This essay will highlight a two-tier approach. It will illustrate reasons supporting the American gun law which will be reinforced by an article extracted from PJ media. Secondly it will portray reasons that are against the American gun law which are extracted from an article from guardian. Finally I will be concluding my opinion and the reasons for it.
My first article is extracted from PJ media; it illustrates the American gun law in a positive light. In the article it conveys that Ryan, the victim, managed to save his life because he had the possession of a gun. This promotes that a gun can be used as a defence, especially in such remotely dangerous areas of America. As well as as numerous citizens of America are in favour of this law, it shows that possession of a gun as a self-defence item is favourable to innocent individuals of the public because they can be protected whilst being around in such areas of society. In the article, Ryan says he has possessions of rifles as home defence; this is undoubtedly to protect himself and his loved ones. This shows that the possessions of guns being owned aren’t always for negative intentions. Even if the gun law had changed to being possibly illegal, people wouldn’t stop doing harm to other members of society, making it harmful area to live in and it also may even lead to an increase in injury and deaths. Ryan also states – ‘‘If someone is unfortunate enough to be in a self-defence situation with three or four attackers, the difference between ten rounds and thirteen (or twenty) could mean the difference between life and death.’’ The quotation coming from a victim who has in reality experienced this shock must be considered and observed with great analysis as it delivers the importance of...