Modern Challenges in Immigration

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If I was a citizen of Mexico, I probably would consider immigrating to America because I know that there is a better opportunity there for me and my family. Everyone should want a happier life for themselves.   It is hard to imagine the hardship experienced by these people who define a better life as 250 dollars a week under harsh, cruel conditions compared to the American standard of living. Personally, if I was in this desperate of a situation for myself and my family I would be overwhelmed by the immigration process seeming impossible to accomplish from my country.   It would be hard for me to come up with the money for the fees required to immigrate legally to America.  Knowing my situation there would probably be no other choice for me than to attempt to illegally immigrate into America.  I think that the United States government policy should not favor certain kinds of immigrants.  I believe there should be certain security measures when accepting immigrants but it should be available equally to all. I do feel it necessary to obtain fingerprints and do an extensive background on each person.  Those who wish to seek American citizenship should all be given an equal and fair chance.  I believe the process should be made easier for immigrants to come into the country legally to ensure fair treatment and pay.   I do not believe applicants from certain countries should be given priority.  The process should be obtainable by all who put in the effort giving them a fair opportunity for work, education, and a better quality of life as an American citizen.