Legalizing Marijuana

Legalizing Marijuana
Krystal Judd
SOC 120
Instructor Ashley Arends
March 25th, 2013

Legalizing   marijuana is one of the biggest debates of the American society. There are many factors that contribute to why marijuana should be legalized. These factors include low health risks, medical reasons, the government being able to tax the sales, lower crime rates, it’s grown naturally, it doesn’t cause deaths, and many other reasons. In this paper I will provide information about marijuana and why it should be legalized, as well as the use of utilitarianism on the social conflict.

Marijuana is made from dried, crumbled leaves of the cannabis plant. Other names for marijuana are pot, hemp, grass, mary jane, reefer, and most commonly used term, weed. Marijuana is usually smoked through tobacco pipes or rolled like cigarettes using tobacco paper often called blunts or cigarillos. Some people may brew it in tea or add it to their food, such as brownies. Marijuana is one of the most used drugs today. Unlike other illegal and legal drugs, marijuana doesn’t contain harmful toxins.

Marijuana can be addictive depending on the person. Most people are addicted to marijuana because they smoke so much of it that they need it to help gain an appetite to eat. This I know for a fact from watching friends who can’t seem to eat much unless they smoke it ahead of time. Marijuana produces THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) to the brain, which can make it addictive. The ability for THC to make the user not have to deal with the conflicts of everyday was attracted to some young people twenty years ago (Cohen 1995). Therefore, marijuana serves as a depressant. People recovering from heroin and cocaine addiction may begin to smoke weed to help keep them from using such harsh drugs.

Marijuana is a popular recreational drug. Other uses include medical reasons. People who use marijuana as a recreational drug may do it just to get “high.” Marijuana is highly used among teens and adults....