Gun Control Essay

Gun Control Paper
The controversy over gun control is yet again an intense subject in the United States and is focused more on passion than ever before. A war on guns will be just as ineffective as the war on drugs. Proponents of gun control need to realize that millions of Americans own firearms for target shooting, hunting, sport, and most importantly, self-protection.   There are legitimate and responsible uses for firearms. Protection from real criminals necessitates a more comprehensive background check system to screen buyers and family members for criminal records and histories of mental illness. In addition, the regulation of high capacity clips will help limit mass shootings. Still, with the number of unregistered illegal guns found on the streets of the United States, success will not be seen or felt immediately.
Guns and gun ownership have a long and rich tradition in the United States. The Founding Fathers supported firearm ownership and their vision shaped the country seen today. Many gun control advocates operate under the mistaken belief that a total ban on firearms would eliminate gun violence and gun crimes.   Unfortunately, this solution fails to address the glut of illegal weapons in the possession of criminals - the intended target of gun control legislation criminals do not fear skirting the law in regards to current gun control legislation and indeed if they did, the debate would be moot. A gun in the hands of an experienced, well trained shooter should never be an issue.
One cannot count on the police to provide protection around the clock, but a firearm can afford the owner an increased level of security. If a criminal breaks into a home or attacks someone on the street, it is not safe or reasonable to wait ten or twenty minutes for the police to arrive. Often a delay of as little as thirty seconds can place a person in jeopardy. A delay of any length can mean the difference between life and death or suffering great bodily harm. A well...