Should Children Have the Right to Participate in Decisions That Shape Their Lives or Should They Be Protected from Decision Making

Option 2
Should children have the right to participate in decisions that shape their lives or should they be protected from decision making?

Children although need the protection and guidance of adults also deserve to be treated with the respect we all deserve, to play a part in key decisions that affect their lives. Although children aren’t as mature or responsible as adult’s   they still have their own opinions and I believe that when it comes to decisions about choices that shape lives they should be consulted on a level that is appropriate to their age and level of maturity. The United Nations Convention on Rights of the Child Act goes some way to outlining and trying to ensure this is implemented for all children, but provides a universal view whereas many factors: cultural, social and economic factors influence the enforcement. The act tries to encourage the four P’s- provision, prevention, protection and participation all of which are affected by these factors. There are many arguments for and against children participating in decisions that affect their lives, from an enforcement perceptive a local view needs to be in place to meet the cultural needs that effect a child whilst maintaining a basic needs for the child to have right’s.

Children are human beings and therefore should have rights, but until they reach an age of maturity and adulthood the scope for decision making should be guided and protected by an appropriate adult. The declaration of human rights 1948 and since then adapted, sets out rights applying to all humans as equals to assert basic rights. Although the Declaration applies to all a further Act for the rights of children was developed- The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). This act tries to ensure the children’s rights to specific needs as they are a vulnerable group of humans due to their age, size and immaturity, for these reasons they need the protection of adults. . The Act tries to create a universal approach...