Canllawiau Amddiffyn Plant Cymru Gyfan 2008 All Wales Child Protection Procedures
Produced on behalf of All Local Safeguarding Children Boards in Wales

Cynhyrchwyd ar ran Byrddau Lleol Diogelu Plant Cymru Gyfan

All Wales Child Protection Procedures 2008

It is a pleasure to provide a preface to this, the second edition of the All Wales Child Protection Procedures. It is still a matter of pride that we in Wales have such a single set of procedures for the whole country. Other parts of the United Kingdom are looking to the example we have given. As someone who is charged with the safeguarding and promotion of children’s rights and welfare, I view these procedures as a necessary part of what needs to be done. The sad history of where child protection has failed is littered with examples of different agencies having different procedures and different thresholds for intervention. That should not now happen in Wales. These procedures are launched into a country where there has been considerable progress for children in other areas. The Welsh Assembly has now adopted the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child as a guide to all its work. Networks for the participation of children in decision-making are gradually being established, leading in turn to a more collaborative approach to work with our young. Safeguarding children is now more clearly understood as an activity that is done with our children rather than to them. There is obviously no room for complacency and there is so much still to do. Nonetheless, we should acknowledge success in our work and I am pleased to be associated with the procedures that will continue to help protect our young. The Office of the Children's Commissioner for Wales (The above preface was written for the procedures by Peter Clarke before his death in January 2007 and is retained in memory of a man who was a true champion for the children of Wales.)


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