Personal Goals

Synthesis Paper
By Willie Mae Bell
HUSB 416-75: Senior Seminar
August 12, 2007
Professor: Dr. Dr. Nadira K Charaniya

My Personal Goals
      As I approach the end of my Undergraduate program, there have been many insights to my professional behavior at work. In this paper, I will explain myself and my personal goals that I have achieved as a student of Spring Field College. I have defined each goal, the impact it has had on my life, and how I have achieved each one. I will also discuss the difficulties and obstacles I over came while facing and realizing my goals. My primary reason and goal for becoming a student at Spring Field College was to obtain an undergraduate degree. This is the most important goal as it has had the greatest impact on my family, work and personal life. In addition to setting a positive example for my children, my opportunities in the work force has increased alone with my self-confidence as an individual. I have accomplished this goal by dedicating an ample amount of time for studying, completing assignments and preparing for class. I also had to created short-term goals and measures that kept me motivated and on track. This allowed me to predict time constraints with my job and family life as being my greatest challenge in meeting this objective. Second in obtaining my degree was my desire for continuous personal growth and development. While achieving some success in managing my personal life I had begun to notice a less than symmetrical balance between my body and mind. Realizing this I had to commit to creating and developing a plan that allow me to achieve similar results at Spring Field College. The challenge I face here was while I am comfortable with the personal life going smoothly, the classroom was a foreign place and I was not knowledgeable of or yet confident in the mind development process. I wanted to become a more proficient learner. I felt that becoming a more proficient learner I could better adapt and excel in the...