Typical Behaviours Exhibited by Children Linked to Their Stage Development and Key Events in Their Lives


As a registered child minder I understand the need to ensure the privacy and maintain the confidence of the child and their family, information and records are a necessary part of childminding.
(No personal information will be stored on a computer) Unless it is registered with The commissioning Officer under the Data Protection Act 1998 I will:

1. I will fairly and lawfully process data/
2. iI will process information for limited purposes.
3. I will only hold relevant, adequate and not excessive information.
4. please up-date me on any changes in your circumstances
5. information not kept for longer than necessary.
6. processed in line with your rights.
7. stored in a secure place.
8.Not transferred to other   countries.(without adequate protection).

I will only share confidential information with a parents consent;
1. If a child is at risk or harm.
2. In an Emergency.
3.To help prevent or detect a serious crime.
4.The information I hold will be confidential and stored in a safe place I will keep all information confidential to protect the child.

I will sometimes take pictures of your child to record a child's learning, I will need written permission to do this, but will only do this to provide a pictorial record for parents to see. It will not be used in anyway on a computer. The information will not be excessive and I will only hold data that has relevant information, it will not be stored longer than necessary.The photographs will not be taken out of the house.And will be kept in a safe secure place.
Pictures are printed and then deleted when they have been used for their intended purpose.

The only time this confidentiality will be broken is if I suspect a child is being abused, then I will inform Social Services and Ofsted immediately.


The importance of a partnership with both parents and carer is vital, as the parent of the child knows...