Essay1 First Draft


Ender Erkaya
Section 75
Essay Question: Should girls be educated for a healthier and economically more prosperous society?


“Educate me, I will change the world”(Camfed). Camfed shouts these words to the word instead of the girls who haven't education opportunity. Camfed tries to emphasize importance of girls' education. Importance of girls' education started to discussed since girls' education is too low   in many countries. Most of people and organizations such as World Bank agree that girls should be educated. Contrarily Ed Anger claims that women' place is in the home instead of school. Girls should be educated for a healthier and economically more prosperous society since maternal, child mortality rates will be lowered if they are educated, and their education will facilitate protecting against HIV/AIDS. Furthermore, if they are educated, fighting against poverty will be easier and girls' labor force participation rates and earnings will increase.

Girls' education provide that maternal, child mortality rates will be lowered. Because, women with education have more knowledge about illnesses. So they know how they live when they are pregnant and how to behave and take care their children. World Bank thinks in the same way that the women with more knowledge tend to seek medical care, be better informed about their children' nutritional requirements(“Girls' Education:A World Bank Priority”).

“Jamison and Wang found that an additional year of male education level is associated with a 3 to 4 percent reduction in child mortality. But the magnitude of the effect is statistically   insignificant, whether it is child mortality for the whole population, for girls   only, or for   boys only. Female education level, on the other hand, has a statistically significant effect   on all three measures of child mortality rates. The effect is about a 10 to 11 percent reduction in child mortality.”(Jamison and Wang 1)....